Illinois Swimming
Level 1

February Recap

Kayleigh Kozlowski

February Recap:


11th: Anna Baker, Zaina Assaf

Distance Challenge: Sophie Cork, Bronwyn Butler

25/ Open: Georgia Harrelson, Ruthie Shearer, Teddy Ballard



11th: Stella Anderson, Teddy Ballard, Bronwyn Butler, Rebekah Butzow, Chloe Domroes, Jacob Foltz, Colleen Goff, Olivia Hall, Lillie Harper, Mikenna Heine, Roslyn Johnson, Oraya Karkavatsos-Ziegler, Rebecca Nenonen, Luke Oland, Lainey Person

Distance Challenge: Molly Allison, Anna Baker, Olivia Hall, Sophia Hall, Evan Harrelson, Sean Harrelson, Mikenna Heine, Audrey McGill, Noah Murcia

25th: Molly Allison, Esme Beckley, Logan Borth, Jacob Foltz, Benji Gehrig, Matteo Graham, Sean Harrelson, Amelia Oland, Amir Rafea, Norah Shearer

Open: Molly Allison, Zaina Assaf, Logan Borth, Leo Clapp-Duhau, Safiye Demir, Will Dukes, Ana Hall, Sean Harrelson, Mikenna Heine, Oraya Karkavatsos-Ziegler, Rebecca Nenonen, Luke Oland, Vaughn Schamper, Kevin Sullivan, Delilah Swedrock, Calvin Vanderschee, Brooklyn Washkowiak



11th: Anna Baker swam her first 100 fly, legally, with a time of 1:17!

Almost every single swimmer that swam an IM dropped anywhere from 3 to 15 seconds!

Luke Oland dropped 40 seconds in his 500 free, and Bronwyn Butler dropped 16 seconds in hers, getting her Mastiff cut!

Gracie Gilbert dropped 3 seconds on her 25 freestyle!

Distance Challenge: We had 11 swimmers swim the 1000 free for the first time, including Noah M, Sophie C, Sean H, Molly A, Sophia H, Liv H, Hannah R, Ava K, Anna B, Evan H, and Rebekah B.

Mikenna Heine swam her first 1650 with a time of 27:31!

25th: Liam Borth dropped 43 seconds on his 100 IM!

Jacob Foltz dropped 24 seconds on his 100 fly!

Claire Freson-Jago and Ruthie Shearer both dropped about 28 seconds on their 200 free!

Sean Harrelson dropped about 4 seconds on his 100 breaststroke, giving him his first Age Group Champ time!

Alex Murcia dropped 6 seconds on his 50 free and has slowly been getting a better and better dive! His confidence is growing! Great job!

Open: Noah Johnson swam his 100 breast with a 1:00.51, getting his National Qualifying time!

Tycen McCarter dropped 10 seconds on his 100 free, resulting in a time of 1:22!

Amir Rafea had a great attitude the whole meet, continued to ask the coaches questions about how to be better, and followed through! He dropped a total of 12 seconds at the meet!

Landon Sullivan dropped 3.5 seconds on his 25 back!

Rebecca Nenonen and Vaughn Schamper both finally hit under 1 minute on their 100 freestyles!

Last, but not least, Thomas Wheeler dropped a total of 10.5 seconds on his 25 swims! Amazing job.


All your swimmers should be extremely proud of their work this past month. This leads us into our championship meets. We gained new Age Group Champ, State AND National qualifying swimmers this past weekend. They have all shown how extremely capable they are! Great job!